Friday, September 3, 2010


Looks like more and more new students are signing up lately, and that without any more promo activity on my part. Great. We're ready.

The new Student Grade (S.G.) teaching program (Levels 1 - 3) has just been distributed. It's pretty ambitious. Wing Tsun is supposed to be taught fast, so let's see how much everybody can digest without getting indigestion. Student Grade testings are free (no extra charge for testing and certificates, etc.) and will now be available every two months instead of every three.

We are also getting a 20X20 large party tent in the driveway soon because the covered porch is getting too small and we need a place to train when it rains. It's all "BYOB" (that's "bring your own brains"; please leave the booze at home until our next grill party!)

Sihing Jean has just been promoted to Assistant Instructor to help me teach the new students coming in and leading the basic training drills. He will get free private lessons in return. Congratulations, Jean!

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