Monday, February 22, 2010


Do you live in or near Texas? Do you practice Wing Tsun/Wing Chun/Ving Tsun (or whatever) and need "chi sau" partners to work with? This new Facebook group is your ticket.

The idea is to let potential training partners find each other - regardless of what school, organization, or association you come from, and regardless of any false loyalties that only hinder your training progress.

If you worry that your instructor may get angry at you for participating, tell him that through your connection with the Texas Chi Sau Circle you will be able to advertise for his future seminars and expose his school to more students from his area - for free. The only condition is that seminars be open to all systems or schools of wing chun/tsun etc. There must be no requirements to join any school or organization in order to participate.

As we grow, we can also hold "cross-denominational" summer (or better spring and fall) ving tsun training camps (this is Texas, after all). You can start discussions about wing chun-related topics on the discussion board and share photos, videos, and events. But, most importantly, you can find training partners right where you live.

Wing Tsun is all about adaptability, isn't it? So, why practice chi sau only with people from your own school or organization? How do you know your stuff works against people from other systems? This is your chance to find out. All it takes is a certain independence of mind and spirit (a prerequisite for learning wing tsun, at any rate), and the determination to get better, no matter what.

We are looking forward to seeing you join. If you don't live in or near Texas, you can start your own Wing Chun Chi Sau Circle wherever you are. It's easy - and it's free, whether on Facebook or elsewhere.


Alex Wallenwein