Friday, May 7, 2010


This video is a great example of the basic Hong Kong WT fighting training. (remember this is only the very first stage of free fighting!) It is all based on the "Lap Sau" cycle, the part of the early chi sau "sections" (drills) that helps tie all the different attacks and defenses together so you can start to "flow". At first, these students stay purely in the lap sau cycle with all the variations from the first program ((Chum Kiu chi sau section No. 1), and then they use the same movements free style as a fighting drill:

Lap Sau Series No. 2

Sifu Gavelin here shows the progression into more advanced techniques from the Lap Sau cycle really well. Watch how relaxed he stays the entire time. Even his student doesn't tense up because he takes him through it nice and slow.

Lap Sau Series No. 3

This is Chum Kiu chi sau section 6, done by Sergio Iadarola. It is the "solo" exercise for some of the movements you just saw applied in Lap Sau in the previous video. I'm talking about the lap sau/faak sau cycle you see here:

Lap Sau Series No. 4

The guys are students of Allan Fong, one of GM Leung Ting's earliest students from Hong Kong. Notice the progression from Lap Sau to freehand chi sau.

Lap Sau Series No. 5

Henning is one of the best WT fighters, but here he shows it nice and slow. Notice how most of what he does is based on the Lap Sau cycle (bong/fook/tsuen sequence):

Lap Sau Series No. 6

Selected parts of the whole student program in one piece, from Daan Chi to 7th section Chum Kiu chi sau and even bits of Biu Tze. Keep paying attention and focus on the bong sau/lap sau/tsuen sau cycle.

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Lap Sau Series No. 7

The whole thing in action with more variations, kick defenses & take downs.